Courtesy Rules Whilst On Board

Please read the following carefully, if you have any questions please contact us.

  1. Smoking in only designated areas

Smoking is allowed, but only in designated areas, not in the cabins, in bars, dance floors and stages. Please bear in mind that lit cigarettes can ruin other people’s clothes in crowded situations. There are also many who have allergies on board and appreciate a smoke free environment.

  1. Purchases in the on board shops

Please leave your bags and backpacks in your cabin as they are not permitted in any of the on board stores. Always carry a valid ID and boarding card with you when you visit the stores. If you are under 25, you should be prepared to show ID at the checkout. Any drinks that have been purchased in the bars are not permitted in the stores. All shoplifting incidents are reported to the Police.

  1. Cabin Celebrations

We understand cabin parties are fun, but bringing your own large sound system on board is prohibited unless you are one of the acts.
According to current safety regulations you are not allowed to operate large sound systems in the cabins, cabin corridors or other areas on board. It is a safety risk and can be dangerous in the event of an evacuation. Violation of this directive will result in the immediate confiscation of equipment.

You may bring with you a portable ”Boombox / Ghetto blaster” or computer speakers. The volume should not be so high that it disturbs your neighbors. If other guests or members of staff ask you to turn down the volume, please do so.

  1. Quiet for the rest of the cabin corridors and stairwells

Please respect your neighbors that might want to sleep at night. No playing of music from personnel equipment (Boomboxes etc) is allowed in the public areas (concourses, staircases & corridors, etc.).

  1. Alcohol on board

Alcoholic beverages can purchased in bars and restaurants on board for consumption. Self corkage or alcohol bought in the ship’s stores may not be consumed on board.

  1. Sprinklers, lights, safety equipment etc

Lamps and sprinklers are necessary for our security and safety. It is absolutely forbidden to cover, turn down or otherwise make them unusable. Any damage or tampering with safety devices and equipment is always reported to the Police. Have respect for safety on board, it could save your life.

  1. Everyone who shares your cabin is responsible

Please note that all fellow guests that share your cabin are jointly responsible for what happens in the cabin and immediately outside the cabin. All vandalism and extreme dirtiness in your cabin means that you are jointly liable for costs regarding the extra cleaning and reparation. The Police are always informed.

  1. Wilful damage to property or theft

All incidents are reported to the Police.

  1. Police are waiting in the port of arrival

Any incidents leading to a report to the Police is handled at the arriving port in either Stockholm or Helsinki.  You may be escorted ashore by security staff and handed over to the waiting Police. If this happens in Helsinki you will not be able to re-board the ship and will have to make your own return travel arrangements at your own cost.


These rules are for the safety and enjoyment of everyone on board.

Remember, common sense is the #1 rule!

”For those about to Rock, we salute you.”